Zapier + Butleroy = massive productivity boost

Zap! Zap! Zap! No, this is not the sound of us zapping between the channels on our TV. This is the sound of us being more productive than ever. Zapping is what you do when you use Zapier – a web service that integrates other web applications such as Gmail, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, Evernote, etc. And we are happy to announce that Butleroy is finally one of them. Basically, you combine two different services/apps/programs to automate various actions and processes. Let’s have a look at some useful examples:

Slack & Butleroy

By using this Zap, you can turn your Slack messages into to-dos by starring them. Practical example: you run out of coffee in your office. So you send a Slack message saying “Buy Coffee” to your CCO (Chief Coffee Officer). When the CCO stars this message, a to-do called “Buy Coffee” will be created in her or his calendar.

Gmail & Butleroy

By using this Zap, you can turn your emails into tasks. If you set a label like “To Do” in Gmail, Butleroy will automatically schedule it into your calendar as a task. This will help you to stay on top of your workload.

Todoist & Butleroy

Sometimes, we forget to add dates when we create new tasks, cards, or to-dos in Todoist – or we are simply not sure when we will have time to complete them. By using the Todoist-Butleroy integration, each new task/card/to-do will get assigned a time and date that fits your schedule. Why assign a date to every single task? Because we perform better when there is a deadline in front of us. After all, diamonds are made under pressure. (At least, that’s what students tell themselves when they start binge-studying the night before an exam. Or so we’ve heard. We wouldn’t know that, of course, we have always started studying weeks before an exam. (Not.))

Other Butleroy Integrations

There are thousands of possibilites of how to integrate Butleroy on Zapier with other applications, such as Trello, Todoist, Gmail, Google Tasks, GitHub, … Here you can see some of them.
For more detailed information on our integrations on Zapier and great ideas how to use them, head over to our main website.