Connect Butleroy with more than 1000 apps on Zapier

🔄 Automagically schedule your tasks
📈 Increase your productivity
⏰ Say goodbye to overdue tasks
🗓️ Integrated in your calendar and app

Turn your emails into tasks

Creating a task from an email has never been easier. You simply set a label like “to-do” in Gmail and Butleroy will schedule it automatically for you. You’ll then find this as a task in your calendar. So you’ll always stay on top of your workload!

One click and a Slack message becomes a task

This Zapier integration works like a personal assistant for you. Whenever a message is important and requires deeper attention, simply star the message and it gets scheduled in your calendar. You can complete the task when you really have time!

In the conversation between Rick and Morty, Rick said “Morty, you gotta turn into a car”. Morty just clicks the little star icon and has the task scheduled perfectly in his calendar.

Your tasks, cards and to-dos deserve a date ❤️

Sometimes tasks, cards or to-dos end up in a list without a date. That’s pretty lonely and no one wants to be lonely, right? With our Zapier integration, every new task, card or to-do you add, automatically gets a date and time, that fits your schedule. In the end, both you and your task are happy 😊

Humans perform way better if there exists a deadline. Whether professors set deadlines for exercises or publishers need an article on a certain date, productivity increases if there is a deadline set. So start giving your tasks, cards and to-dos a date they deserve.

More integrations on Zapier

There are so much more things you can do with the Butleroy Zapier integration. Below is a list of our favourites. If you come up with something amazing, tell us here.

We are more than happy to help you set up your Zaps, simply drop us an email to