All fixtures, kick-off times and results right in your calendar

Stock up on beer and get your Weber grill ready, the FIFA World Cup in Russia is about to begin. 64 games on 25 game days. That means non-stop football. Up to four games a day. Mixing up the World Cup schedule in your head is inevitable. Googling the match schedule every single day is annoying. But we at Butleroy got you. Our football-enthusiastic developers came up with a new and amazing feature – it puts the match schedule into your calendar.

+ 26 more teams

Follow your favourite team

The newest feature for your Butleroy calendar integrates the match schedule for this year’s football World Cup so that you can keep track over all of the games. You can follow your favourite team or if you want to binge-watch the whole World Cup you can integrate all matches.

No longer do you have to ask Siri or start a Google query – now you can just open your calendar and get a comprehensive overview of all the games. The only dates you won’t find are those of the Austrian national team. They screwed up and didn’t qualify.

How do I get the World Cup schedule?

As we are really enthusiastic about the World Cup our main goal was to make this as easy as possible. It only takes 4 clicks to see the World Cup schedule. Before we get started you need to download the iOS app first (click here).

1. Go to “Accounts” on the tab bar (fourth item)
2. Click on the “Sports” category
3. Click on the banner, where it says “Get it now”
4. Connect the World Cup schedule and you are ready to go!
5. This isn’t a click, but now it’s time to enjoy the World Cup ⚽

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