Make Working Great Again!

Working in a startup comes with many advantages. (Such as, you can brag about working in a startup. Very cool among millennials.)
If you ever feel that your 9 to 5 job just doesn’t cut it, why don’t you try working in a startup? Trust us, it never gets boring in young and innovative companies.
Here are ten reasons why working in a startup is the best thing one can do. Or, ten things that startups have that traditional companies don’t.


No-Shoes Area
Let’s be honest. Shoes are annoying when you have to wear them for several hours straight. Especially when you are travelling and have a long-distance flight. We are pretty sure there have been flights which had to make a forced landing due to smelly feet. That’s why we decided to not wear shoes in our office (#freethefeet). Best. Feeling. EVER.

Smoothie Maker
To compensate our Red Bull consumption, we decided to live healthier when it comes to eating. So we always have loads of fruits in our office. Unforunately, they used to go bad pretty quickly. Until we decided to get a smoothie maker. Now, the intern we hired to brew coffee for us also makes our smoothies. On Mondays and Fridays, we add some champagne to our smoothies. (Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.)

Casual Friday? Casual Everyday!
Although nothing suits us like a suit, we decided to get rid of ties, tight shirts, and jackets. Instead, we wear sweatpants in winter, and shorts in summer.

Table Soccer
If you have read our previous blog posts, you already know that we are huge fans of table soccer. Each day after our lunch break, we are working on our table soccer skills. One day, we would like to participate in the world championship.

Sorry to disappoint you, but we do not have unicorns in our office. (Or do we?) But we do have some unicorn-themed decoration in our office. Buying them has been the best investment so far.

There are certain days each year when working on a strict 9 to 5 schedule can be a pain in the neck. Which is to say, every single day from Monday to Friday. However, there are days when it’s even worse than usual. For example, the Monday after the Superbowl. If you live in Europe, the Superbowl doesn’t take place in the afternoon, but in the middle of the night. So it finishes when people have to get up to go to work. If you work in a startup, though, you can fully enjoy the Superbowl, sleep in until noon, and go to work in the afternoon.

Working in a startup means that you don’t have to hold back on your creativity. If you have awesome ideas – no matter how crazy they may sound at first -, your co-workers will listen to you and try to implement them.
For example, one of our employees had the amazing idea of buying a huge inflatable castle. If you think that can’t get any cooler, wait until you hear about its design. It’s a pink inflatable castle with rainbow-pooping unicorns on it. Amazing, right?

The Beanbag
In tradtional corporations, your working space is probably bound to your desk or cubicle. Not so in startups. In our office, you can work from the comfy couch or the huge beanbag chair. In a lot of startups, you can even work from home (work nap eat repeat).

Nobody gives a duck if there is one reason missing
You probably didn’t even notice, did you?