Work hard, play harder

If there was one thing we could do to improve our work-life balance, what would it be? We would get rid of Mondays and introduce a second Saturday. Why not a second Sunday? Well, because shops in Austria are closed on Sundays.
Work-life balance has become more and more important in the past few decades. We don’t want to sound like conspiracy theorists, but we blame economists for that. After all, how can you spend huge amounts of money on things you actually don’t need (that’s right, Karen, you don’t need that detox shake) if you are working the whole time? (Irony off.)

Work smart, not hard

Our mission here at Butleroy is to give you some time back for the things you really love. You probably know the statistcs that tell you how much time you spend on certain activities in your life, such as men spend 3,000 hours (4 months) on shaving (so forget about No-shave November aka Movember, let’s do no-shave all year, every year). Now, before all the ladies make fun of men spending so much time grooming their goaties, just know that women spend around one full year (!) on choosing what to wear.

Butleroy wants to help you to save the time you spend on planning events, organizing meetings, and scheduling appointments (around 8 full days per year!). So download the Butleroy App and let it schedule all your meetings for you.
No matter if you have to schedule business meetings at work, want to meet old friends in your free time, or want to do yoga every day, Butleroy will find the perfect time for everything and everyone. The only question you need to ask yourself is: what are you going to do with all the time you will be saving using our app?

According to the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands are the country with the best work-life balance, which is why one of our two new interns decided to do her internship in our office in Amsterdam together with NEXT Amsterdam (smart move, Carina). Our other new intern Manuel just started his internship here in our HQ in Linz (Austria might not be among the Top-10 countries when it comes to work-life balance, but we have a table soccer here in our office).

Work-coffee balance

While we at Butleroy agree that work-life balance is a very important issue in everyone’s life, there are also other balances very dear to us. These include:

Work-coffee balance: one cup of coffee for every three hours of work (except for our CEO Philipp, he doesn’t drink coffee. So for him, work-red-bull balance is more important)
Work-table-soccer balance: two games of table soccer each work day
Work-nap balance: at least one nap if you work more than six hours straight