Summer Vibes This Weekend

Here in Austria, we’ve got a beautiful weekend ahead of us. Forecast says it’s gonna be up to 28°C. You know what that means: get your shorts and hot pants out, make your swimming pool ready for pool parties, and get a year’s worth of ice cream because it’s gonna be HOT 🔥
With our five ideas, your weekend is already going to feel like Summer.


You only need three ingredients for a successful BBQ: meat (we prefer steak or pulled pork), beer, and garlic bread. LOTS of garlic bread. You can invite friends, as well. But you don’t have to. Let’s be honest, who wants to share garlic bread with others?


Get outside

This weather is so beautiful, it would be a shame to waste it indoors. So get outside and do something. Whether it’s switching from the gym to your garden (and saving the expensive gym membership costs), hiking in the amazing Austrian Alps, or just walking around the city (even if it’s just for buying beer), go out and enjoy the weather. If you are more of a napping type, well, get yourself a sun lounger, sleep on there, and get a nice tan!


Ice Ice Baby

When the sun is burning down, you gotta cool yourself down with some freezing drinks and food. Some suggestions:

Cold Brew Coffee or Iced Espresso: The Difference? Cold Brew coffee is, well, brewed cold. Therefore, it’s less bitter and tastes sweeter than normal coffee. You can easily do it yourself by mixing 250g of (coarsely ground) coffee with 1L of cold water. Put it in the fridge and wait for 8-24h. Then pour it through a sieve to filter the coffee grounds out. Too much work? Just buy some excellent Cold Brew Coffee by J.Hornig.
Iced Espresso, on the other hand, is just normal (but chilled) espresso (#chillpresso) to which you add ice cubes. So it’s way stronger than Cold Brew.

Ice cream: We can suggest two things. Either you buy Ben&Jerry’s, the best ice cream that exists (we recommend Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough).
Or you make yourself some Nicecream which is not only delicious but also healthy. Take your favorite fruits (well suited are bananas, mangoes, pineapple, berries, etc.), freeze them for a few hours, and then mix them in your blender until creamy and smooth. You can also add milk, or yogurt, or curd/quark (to make it rich in protein). Top with chia seeds, shredded coconut, berries, nuts, granola, oats,… For the most amazing nicecream recipes, contact our foodie Dominik 😉


Friday evening. You are sitting outside with your friends, watching the sun go down. Wait – what’s missing in this picture? Right, alcohol – cocktails, to be precise. So here are four nice and creative recipes:

Cold Brew Cocktail: 5cl Cold Brew Coffee, 10cl Tonic Water, 4cl Gin, Ice Cubes, a slice of Grapefruit

Wörthersee Hugo: 2cl Elderflower Syrup, 3cl Blue Curacao, 125ml Prosecco (or White Wine), Club Soda, half a Lime, a few Mint leaves, Crushed Ice

The Boss Lady: 3-5 muddled Blackberries, 5cl Gin, 2.5cl Simple Syrup, fresh Lemon Juice, 3cl Club Soda, Ice Cubes

Guinness Black Magic Cocktail: 100ml Guinness Draught, 50ml Whiskey, 2 tsp Grenadine Syrup, 1 tbsp Lime Juice, 5 fresh Blackberries. Pour Whiskey, Syrup, Juice, and Berries in a shaker and muddle the berries. Shake hard for 30sec, pour in a glass half filled with crushed ice. Then pour in the Guinness


Spring Cleaning

We know that nobody likes cleaning, but it has to be done from time to time. And trust us, afterwards you will feel so happy and relieved – it’s worth the hassle.
If you are still not convinced, incentivize yourself: open a bottle of beer or eat some ice cream every time you have finished cleaning a room.
We also cleaned our office today. Ok, we let our interns do it, but still, it’s clean now.