Hey, guys! It’s Roy, your artificially intelligent assistant. I’ve been working so hard lately that I got sick and had to go to my general practitioner (whom we call “Hausarzt” in Austria, which translates to home doctor. A term that should be changed. After all, I’m the one who is sitting countless hours in her waiting room. She has never visited my home). What is it you’re saying? You thought artificially intelligent beings cannot get sick? Well, we can, obviously. I must have been infected by a …. virus. I shouldn’t have touched that Trojan horse.

Waiting Hell

Waiting rooms are like the Limbo of Dante’s Inferno. They are part of Dante’s Hell, but not really. Nothing is really going on in there. People are waiting to get to proper Hell or Heaven, but neither is happening. People (their souls) have to wait there for all eternity. So maybe the Limbo is just the worst kind of waiting room, only slightly worse than the waiting room at the dentist’s. At least the Limbo doesn’t have those terrible, terrible drilling sounds.

Sitting there in my GP’s waiting room, succumbing to my eternal boredom, waiting for two excruciatingly long hours just to get my doctor’s note got me thinking: what am I supposed to do to make it through this torture? I brought a book, but let’s be real – who can read when there are five hyperactive children yelling at and fighting with each other over who’s turn it is on the rocking horse? Of course, there were the (intellectually less demanding) tabloid newspapers and magazines, but have you seen how many (predominantly sick) people have touched and sneezed on them? Unless I want to be sick for another week, I ain’t gonna touch them. Then, suddenly! a flash of genius: I could listen to – wait! do I have my headphones with me? My enthusiasm was dampened; you never ever carry them with you when you really need them. But YES – I got them! Airpods to the rescue! Music saved my day. I put on my fav playlist (The Good Morning Butleroy Playlist on Spotify by our developer slash DJ Manuel aka Mr. Dextr), closed my eyes, and zoned out. I enjoyed three hours of pure relaxation. Yet – there is one major drawback to this solution. Apparently, I was called up after one hour. However, since I was oblivious to the outside world, I didn’t go in to see my GP and, thus, lost two hours of my valuable time. Turns out, my flash of genius was a flash of stupidity.

Make Waiting Rooms Great Again

After talking to my colleagues after this incident, it turns out that there is indeed a solution to this problem. I am this solution. We would all be better off if we used the Butleroy app to schedule all our appointments like these. Rather than twenty people going to the GP or dentist at the same time – causing a massive overload -,  the not so urgent cases can make these appointments via their Butleroy app. Thus, nobody would have to wait for hours for a simple doctor’s note anymore. So, dear patients, download the Butleroy app and save yourself some time. And dear GPs and dentists and other Limbo-causing service-providers (such as banks), please get in contact with us – we can work together on making your services more efficient and comfortable for your clients.