No magic trick – just a simple change

Let me guess: You’re thinking “nah, that can’t be possible – I can’t possibly do all of these things at once.” I’m saying: You can. And in addition, you will also get more time to read, listen to podcasts, or do whatever you want. So, what’s that magic trick I’m talking about? Well, it’s not really magic. It’s about what you do. Every single day. Without spending too much thought about it.

If you are like most people, you are commuting to work every single day. So did I until recently (until today, in fact). My workplace is around 40km away from my home. So what did I do? Drove with my car, obviously. I didn’t do so because I enjoyed the traffic jams so much. If that weren’t enough, my car felt like a sauna because my AC wasn’t working and it had 35°C outside and inside. I did so because I wanted to enjoy my leisure time. The faster I was home, the more time I could spend on reading and working out. Right? Well, no, not really. That’s where I was wrong.

Doing the maths

Each day, I spent around 80 minutes (plus minus 20 minutes depending on the traffic) inside of my car, driving to and from work (sounds familiar?). I had thought about taking the train – but while the train rides themselves also take 80minutes in total, there is the additional time I need to get to and from the train stations: plus another 45minutes by bike! 45 minutes that I could spend on reading and exercising and all the other things I’m doing in my leisure time. But then it hit me. The time I spend in my car is not utilized. Basically, it’s lost time. But the time spent riding my bike and riding the trains is/can be utilized. Riding my bike is exercising. And I can read during the train rides. I didn’t “lose” the additional 45 minutes spent on commuting. I spend them on the things I would do at home, anyways. Rather, I utilize the lost time spent in my car.
There are also the side benefits: by riding your bike and using public transportation, you are saving the environment. And don’t forget about the money: in most cases, public transportation is cheaper than driving your own car. Oh, and did I mention that if you ride your bike for 45minutes you will burn calories like crazy? It won’t be long before your abs start to show! (Or you can also help yourself to another slice of cheesecake.)

That’s all there is to this trick. It’s that simple. You get rid of something that is inefficient, costly, and annoying (driving), and exchange it with something that is both challenging and relaxing, gives you more time for things you love to do (e.g. reading), is cheaper, and is more environmentally friendly (bike and train).
And if you don’t like riding a bike, that’s no problem at all. Take a scooter. Scooters are not just for kids, they are for everyone. They are fast, they are cheap, they are fun. Four people on the Butleroy team have those fast electric scooters. And they absolutely love them. For more info on using scooters for your commute, check out this medium blog post Hacking Happiness into the daily commute.

Day 1 – 40 pages, better mood, massive calf gains

Today was the first day that I used this “trick” and changed from car to bike and train. And it’s been wonderful. I was in a much better mood when I arrived at work. Not only because of the better blood flow from exercising, but also because I wasn’t annoyed by other drivers and traffic jams. During the train rides to and from work, I was able to read 40 pages – that’s in addition to what I read at home; I guess I’ll run out of books to read soon (just kidding, that will never happen, as every bibliophile knows). And I already feel my muscles growing – my quads, hamstrings, and calves are on fire 🔥

Try it and see every aspect of your life improve – your mood, your physique, your work-life balance, your bank account.

If biking and public transport is really no option at all, you can utilize the time you spend in your car differently. Learn how in one of our previous blog posts How to get more out of your time.
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