Interactive and Music Festival
in Austin

8. March โ€“ 16. March 2019

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Hand-picked events that get daily updated. We scan FB, Twitter and official schedules for you to find the best events and parties happening in Austin.


Why is it free? Ideally we want you to download the Butleroy iOS app (it’s also free in beta). Additionally we are attending the festival ourselves so we came up with this list.


This time is exhausting and hectic. But don’t worry, we know all the places where you get bites and refreshments for free to refuel your body.


The buzz level shows trending events that are likely to be a hit during the festival. Be sure to RSVP early for these kind of events.

Filter events by venues

Check out the venues where all these great events are hosted. You can even filter them by Google rating. See what’s going on at a specific venue.


Exclusive app features:

๐Ÿ—บ Get directions to venue

๐Ÿ“Show what’s around you

All hotspots on a map

Nice overview of all venues on a map. This map helps you to plan your routes or brings you back on track in case you get lost ๐Ÿ˜‰

How to activate the map:
Click on “Blocks” in the top right corner of the list.

Lots of filtering options

Butleroy GmbH is not affiliated with SXSW official. All events are provided as a third party service and are not endorsed by SXSW official.
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