Success is made, you’re not born with it

The first four months of 2018 are already over (only 8 months left till Christmas, yay!) and summer is already on its way. Let’s see how successful we have been so far this year. All of us at Butleroy have committed to a common set of New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, with vanishingly small success, so far. But have a look for yourself:

  • No more than one can of Red Bull a day during the office hours.
    Status: Hasn’t worked out. Some of us came up with a loophole by drinking cheap energy drink knockoffs instead.
  • Get that beach body ready for summer.
    Status: If you throw out your scale you don’t know how much weight you gained #schrödingersbodyweight
  • Spend more time with family and friends.
    Status: My cats are my family and chocolate is my friend.
  • Develop the best Calendar and Planning app, continuously improve it, and help people to become successful.
    Satus: Check, check, and check

Have you also committed to any resolutions? If yes, how are you doing? If you are doing as badly as we are, here are some valuable tips on how to be successful in achieving your goals, no matter how big they are.

Think hard.
What is it you truly want to achieve? What are your goals for 2018? Do you want to learn a new foreign language, exercise more to participate in a marathon, spend more time with your beloved ones, or save money for the trip to Bali you have been yearning for for years? What’s the status quo – where are you – and where do you want to get? It doesn’t matter how big or small the goal is, as long as it is something that you truly want. It should be YOUR dream, not someone else’s.

Write your goals down.
It’s easy to daydream about your goals. It’s harder to set them in stone. Take a piece of paper, or – even better – a nice notebook and write them down. Put it somewhere where you will see it often, maybe on your bedside table. Talk with your best friends and/or family members about it. Once you tell others about your goals you will feel ten times more committed to achieving them. Write them down as detailed as possible, including a timeline – e.g. “I want to participate in this one specific marathon in June,” or “I want to have saved 1000€ by the beginning of summer.” Pro Tip: Use the Butleroy App to write your goals down and let the app remind you of them every single day.

Go this journey together with others.
You want to exercise more? Get yourself a gym buddy. It’s harder to skip leg day when there is a second person who has similar goals – make it a competition. And remember: never skip leg day. Because you can’t spell Legendary without leg day.
You want to learn Spanish? ¡Ningún problema! Sign up on an online platform where you can have a language exchange with people from Spain or Mexico or download an app like Duolingo (where you can also compete against other people).

Perseverance is key to being successful.
You know what’s easier than working out every second day? Working out every single day. Make it a habit. After some time you will get so used to it that you cannot spend a single day without working out.
Set yourself some time of the day when you want to work on achieving your goals. You want to read more? Make it a habit of reading from 5-6pm every single day. It’s all about habit, repitition, perseverance.
Pro Tip: Use the Seinfeld Strategy (based on how the comedian Jerry Seinfeld became so great). Get yourself a big calendar on which you can see the whole year all at once. Hang it somewhere prominent where you see it often. Commit yourself to doing something every single day. (Seinfeld committed to writing jokes for an hour each day.) Now, each day you do this task, mark it with an X or something so you can easily see when you have and when you haven’t done it. After a few days, you get a “chain.” No matter whether you are motivated or not on a given day, you look at your calendar, and you don’t break the chain.

Winners don’t make excuses.
Ever think that somebody got really lucky with what they have? Well, winners don’t get lucky. They make their own luck. Because the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Never quit thinking about your goals. Never quit working hard for your goals. So go out there, download the Butleroy app, and achieve your goals.

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