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Schedule When You Work on Your Emails

Automatically block time for working on your emails and replying to them.

Many of us are struggling with never ending flow of emails. According to a recent study by Adobe a stunning 5 hours are spent on reading and replying to emails, every day.

A great way to get your flooded inbox under control is to schedule the exact time when you work on your emails. By restricting yourself to work on emails only during those scheduled hours, you will limit the amount overhead by reading and re-reading your through your inbox, only to find that now is not a good time to reply.

See how you can automatically schedule time for your emails

In the Butleroy app we have created a powerful feature that helps you to automatically schedule time for your emails. Simply open up the Mail app next to Butleroy and drag all the items you have to work on in your to-do list. Butleroy will find the perfect time for your emails and even store a link to the email, so you can pull it up quickly in case you want to read the contents again or reply. Here is a video that shows this in action.

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