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Version 4.5.0

Intelligent scheduling options, iPad sync, new calendar views, to-do stats, Netflix & Product Hunt integration and more, NFL schedule 2019, Wunderlist and more

Intelligent options

Unveil the magic of Roy's intelligent scheduling 🎩✨

Roy now gives you five more options for to-dos that were intelligently scheduled. You can also see how Roy came up with certain time slots and understand the magic behind the intelligent scheduling better.

Simply click on the date field of a to-do and get more options. Check it out, we really love this feature!

Intelligent scheduling options

Cross device sync

Roy now works on all your iOS devices πŸ“±βŒšοΈ

Check off your to-dos on your iPad and see them instantly disappear on your iPhone. Roy helps you to increase your productivity, no matter where you are or what device you are using.

Butleroy sync for all devices, iPhone iPad and Apple Watch

1-day and 3-day view

New calendar views πŸ‘€

To know whatβ€˜s going on in your day is the most important thing. To give you a better overview weβ€˜ve added new calendar views (1-day and 3-day).

One and three day calendar view of the Butleroy app

To-do stats

Start your to-do streak now and keep ticking them off πŸ“Š

Know your most productive days and see when you’ve completed your to-dos. Don’t let that chart go down to zero and tick off your daily to-dos.

Building a habit around your to-dos helps you to keep your mind free for new ideas instead of remembering them.

One and three day calendar view of the Butleroy app

Netflix releases

Never miss a new Netflix release again 🎬

Never miss the release of a new season or a brand new tv show you might like. Also if you are on the lookout for new shows, we added the IMDb ratings to help you decide what to watch next.

See new Netflix releases right in your calendar

Product Hunt

See the top three "Products of the day" in your calendar 😻

We take part in the Makers Festival 2019 of Product Hunt and built a one-click integration to see the top three “Products of the day” right in your calendar.

Stay up-to-date on the latest and best online products and make sure you are not missing out on the next Dropbox, Airbnb or Uber.

If you like this integration you can support us on Product Hunt and join us there. You can follow the discussion or leave a vote there.Β 

See top three "Products of the day" from Product Hunt right in your calendar

Version 4.3.0

Siri Shortcuts, NFL schedule 2019, Wunderlist and more

Siri Shortcuts are here

Talk to your personal butler with Siri πŸŽ™

Thanks to 8 brandnew Siri Shortcuts you now have more ways to talk to me. I can show you appointments and to-dos for today or tomorrow, create new to-dos from clipboard, show you quick actions for you upcoming event and a lot more. All voice controlled to make it even more convenient for you.Β 


Activate Siri Shortcuts in the settings of the app, just go to “Settings -> Intelligence -> Siri Shortcuts”.

Wunderlist Integration

Prepare yourself for the upcoming NFL season and follow your team 🏈

April 2019 was a busy month when it came to releases. It was not only about Game of Thrones and Avenegers, but also about the NFL, who announced the schedule for the 2019 season. It will be the 100th season of the National Football League.

To get ready for all the upcoming games you can now integrate the NFL schedule 2019 of your most favourite team right in your calendar. Butleroy allows a simple and quick integration with just a few clicks.

Go to settings “Interesting calendars -> NFL (or browse all sports) -> American Football” πŸ‘

Wunderlist Integration

See Wunderlist To-dos in your calendar βœ…

New update, new integration! You can now connect your Wunderlist account and see all your Wunderlist To-dos right in Butleroy. Edit, schedule or complete them in the app.

Version 4.2.0

Trello Integration

See your Trello cards in your calendar πŸ—‚οΈ

New update, new integration. See your “Trello cards” next to your appointments and to-dos in your calendar. All at a glance so you always know what’s going on in your day. I will also consider your Trello activities for intelligent scheduling, so there are no more conflicts between your Trello stuff and other to-dos.

Connect Trello with your calendar

One-step to-do

Schedule your to-dos with one click πŸ‘‡

You already know how important a new to-do is? Good as of now you can create a new to-do directly in the according section. One click is all it needs and I’ll start planning your new to-do.

Schedule a new to-do with just one click

Version 4.1.0

Google and Microsoft Integration

Combine your calendars in one app πŸ—“οΈ

Using Microsoft for work and Google as a private calendar? Now you can finally connect them in one app. Check all your appointments and to-dos in one place. And the best thing is, Roy considers all of your integrated calendars for scheduling. No more conflicts 😍
Combine Google and Microsoft calendar in one app

Working hours

Individual working hours πŸ’Ό

You don’t want to have any appointments or to-dos scheduled when enjoying your well deserved salad during lunch break. Tell Roy your working hours and he’ll make sure that you have your work related to-dos perfectly planned.

Citymapper & Wegfinder

Best means of transportation πŸšŒπŸšŠπŸ›΄

Roy can now show you the best means of transportation for your appointment. Thanks to the amazing Citymapper and Wegfinder (for Austria) integration he’ll make sure you take the perfect bus, tram, scooter or taxi to get to your appointment in time. One click is all it needs πŸ™‚
Citymapper and calendar integration, find best means of transportation

See your Todoist tasks in your calendar