Roy’s Office Life

Last week we told you about what Roy does on his average day off. (If you don’t know yet, now’s the time and here’s the place to ketchup. Sorry, we meant “to catch up,” obviously, but we are kind of hungry and craving for French fries.) But what does Roy do when he has to work? How does his office life look like? After all, he’s got mouths to feed and bills to pay. Well, actually, he doesn’t, but his hipster lifestyle needs to be paid for; his fav coffee ain’t cheap. (If you want to know what his favorite coffee is, it’s Bonanza Coffee from Berlin. Trust us, it’s *Trump voice on* THE BEST, THE GREATEST, THE YUMMIEST.)

The Office

Before Roy can answer any of your messages to our restaurant table reservation chatbot, he needs to have (surprise, surprise) a cup of coffee #moreespressolessdepresso. Then he will use his foodie skills to find the best restaurants for you.
After having done so, he schedules all your meetings and appointments. You want to go for a date (#dinnder)? Use our “Go on a date” feature (aka Tinder feature) and Roy will match your and your significant other’s schedules to find the perfect time for you and your date to meet. Roy can also be your best gym buddy. He won’t scream *Arnold Schwarzenegger voice on* “One more rep!” at you but he will remind you to work out if you use Butleroy’s “Time to exercise” feature.


After his second coffee break in the office, Roy thinks about what new features to introduce to the Butleroy app (after all, mornings are for coffee and contemplation, to quote Chief Hopper from Stranger Things). We can promise you: there are some awesome features coming out soon – we will be upping your #netflixandchill game.

Roy is spending his afternoons doing what he refers to as “research.” Sounds sophisticated but basically he’s just checking out restaurants, bars, and cafes. Why does he consider it research, then? Well, he can’t recommend restaurants and cafes he hasn’t tried himself, can he? (At least that’s how he himself is justifying his expensive lunches and dinners to us.)

After hours in the office, he drinks a couple of craft beers with us (the best part about working in a startup). But we don’t play table soccer with him anymore. He beat us one too many times.