Two developers are walking into a bar…

… just kidding, developers don’t go into bars, they stay at home playing video games. Last week, we made some fun of startups, joking about the prejudices about us. It turned out that some of them were, in fact, true. This week, we will go even further and joke about the people working in tech startups, in particular the developers, programmers, IT guys/girls – you know, the “geeks” and “nerds” here. Which means 8 out of the 9 people here at Butleroy will be made fun of now. Hopefully, the 9th person will keep his job after publishing this article.

Let’s start off with a joke:
Q: how many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: none, that’s a hardware problem

You know, as a non-techie (in other words: as a person who needs help with synchronizing his smartphone calendars and apps) I really love our office because one of our four walls has windows from one end to the other. So there is always enough daylight coming in (which is really nice because, apparently, my colleagues are afraid of artificial lights. Every time I turn on the office lights, someone turns them off again a few minutes later). But I am not sure whether our programmers appreciate the windows – they might just think they are high-definition displays showing a live feed of an imaginary outside world.
You think I’m exaggerating? Well, Dracula just came by. He was horrified; they were too white even for him.

Trying to understand developers is a little bit like trying to understand Chinese. Only that Chinese is ten times easier (easy peasy, Chinese-y). For non techies, it’s hard to follow developers. Their language is a pidgin of German and English, flavored with technical terms such as “pull requests” and “infinity loops” (does this have anything to do with the new Infinity War movie?).

Jokes aside (for a moment). Developers are really smart people, and we need them. Without them, we wouldn’t have smartphones, laptops, social media platforms, Netflix, and other things that make our lives a little bit more comfortable and more entertaining. I bet most of our highly sophisticated coffee machines wouldn’t work if it weren’t for developers writing some code. And that would be a shame. (At least for most of us – I’m gonna continue sipping my filter coffee made from high-quality coffee beans from Roast Market.)

Let’s finish with another joke:
An engineer, a manager, and a programmer are riding in a car. They come to a hill and their brakes fail. After careening down the hill and finally coming to a stop they get out to decide what to do. The manager says “We need to have a meeting to form a committee to see what we should do next!” The engineer says, “Screw that! Give me a pocket knife and some duck tape and I’ll have us going in no time!” The programmer looks at them both and says, “Lets push it back to the top and see if it does it again.”