Task/Reminders View By List

On the Mac OS version, and iPad, it would be great if you could add an option to toggle the view from the current Urgent/Do Later/Anytime view to a view that shows task/reminders by list name. Also a view that shows a list of reminders with unassigned dates.

Additionally, the ability to drag and drop from the list directly onto the Calendar would be great. Currently you can only drag and drop a reminder/task if it is already on the calendar.

Example: I add task to Apple reminders using Siri. They all go to a list called InBox. I have several other list in Apple reminders for various projects. When I go to Butleroy It would be helpful to see all of my task and reminders listed on the right side by list name. I would then be able to drag reminders over onto the Calendar to schedule my week/month ahead.

See your Todoist tasks in your calendar