Got a few requests :)

1. MacOS app version –> but one with the option to view it like a “sticky note” on my desktop
2. Integration with Fantastical 2 (yes, I am an in the Apple eco system)
3. Having a “Fillers” list and functionality. There are times when a scheduled event does not push through (happens to me a lot). Cancelling the event on my calendar should trigger Roy to tell me, “here are items on your Fillers list that you may want to cross out during this free time”. And this just doesn’t have to be triggered by cancelling an event. Any time there is a free time on the integrated calendar, it should pop up as a “reminder” that even though I’m free, I still have a few things I need to do. <– will be a big help for my ADDness. 🙂

See your Todoist tasks in your calendar