AI Plugin for Email and Text Reading to Automate Scheduling/Tasks

I’m someone who manages a legal business, does course work, runs a household with two very small children, and tries to maintain somewhat of a social life. It’s impossible to remember all of my own stuff let alone add in two kids with endless dr’s, field trips, class parties, spouse appointments, important dates, etc. One of the worst parts of having ADHD is if I don’t schedule an appointment, or if I don’t add something to my list THAT MOMENT, then I usually forget. An awesome feature on Facebook messenger is that it detects plans are being made when there is a date and time in a message. That appears to trigger an event template and it asks if you want to schedule that on your calendar.

Something similar with this app would be incredible. Not only is Butleroy automating your day, but it is your ultimate personal assistant that makes sure no appointment of tasks is left behind. I think with date format and certain trigger words, an option should pop up to send it to the app and save it.

See your Todoist tasks in your calendar