How does Roy find the best date & time?

If you are curious about how Roy is finding time for your events, you can take a look at the 5 steps below. Keep in mind that all of these tasks are performed in just a couple of seconds.


Check calendar for free time slots

Roy is going to check your calendar first. He checks your schedule for free time gaps between events. After having found all time slots where you are available he knows when you potentially have time. But Roy does not stop here, he wants to find the best free time slot and not just any free one. Privacy is of utmost importance to Roy, he will never share your personal data or look at events already saved in your calendar. 🔐


Consider time of day

In the next step Roy considers your preferred time of day. Whether you’d like to have meetings in the afternoon or love to go for a run first thing in the morning. Roy checks the free time slots from the previous step for your preferred time of day and ranks these time slots with a higher quality. He can also consider your working hours so your to-dos or events won’t get scheduled in your well deserved spare time.


Ask relevant other data sources

Each event is different and so are the factors that are influencing when an event should happen. Within the blink of an eye Roy can check multiple other data sources simultaneously. Let’s say you want to go for a run. While checking for a nice weather he can also check your current training progress, your average training duration, availability of your training partner and much more. This works for various different types of events and data sources.


Time + location = appointment

Besides date and time there is another significant factor that influences our planning – your location. Whether it’s time zones, traffic or other surroundings, all of those have an impact on our event. In fact, everything in our life happens at a certain time at a specific location. The more you plan – or better let plan – your events the more time you’ll get back which you can spend on things you love.


Mix all together and apply secret sauce

Roy is now mixing all this information together and applies a different weight on each of the time slots we found in the first step. Depending on the kind of event Roy performs hundreds of small individual steps to find the best date and time for you.

For all the AI geeks of us, Roy makes use of fuzzy logic and a knowledge-base filled with over 200 rules to plan your event perfectly.

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