The most intelligent calendar and to-do app for your computer

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Manage to-dos and calendars on your desktop

Let your butler plan your to-dos

Roy plans your to-dos intelligently for you. So you can save time and focus on getting things done. 

Select predefined vague time slots such as “today, tomorrow, next 3 days, next week, etc.” and Roy scans all your calendars for the best date and time.

Butleroy finds the best date and time in your calendar
Butleroy connects all your calendars in one app

Connect your calendars and favourite apps

Roy considers all your connected calendars and productivity apps for intelligent scheduling. 

Have your to-dos perfectly planned across all your calendars and apps. No more conflicts with appointments or other to-dos.

Change priorities with drag and drop

“I don’t have time” is actually never true. It’s just a matter of different priorities. You can change priorities of your to-dos with simple drag and drop.

Drag your to-do into a new section and Roy will find time for it. Inspired by the Eisenhower matrix you will find yourself in completing more to-dos than ever before.

Drag and drop to-do for easy rescheduling

Be the first to know when Butleroy desktop is available

See your Todoist tasks in your calendar