Easily schedule appointments with your customers

Whether your customer needs an appointment with you or the other way round. Butleroy offers an elegant scheduling solution for postal services, automotive industries and delivery services.

Delivery Services

Postal Services – Last mile solution

Delivering a package would technically mean you need an appointment with the recipient. But what happens if she’s not at home, on holiday or at work? It results in a botched delivery, meaning extra costs for the postman and annoyance for the customer. Butleroy can be your last-mile solution and put and end.

Automotive Industry

With Butleroy, you can give your customers the chance to schedule an appointment for a test drive or to repair their car. Whether it’s annual maintenance or a tire change, Butleroy arranges an appointment automatically in advance so the business’ and customer’s schedule.

Automotive Scheduling Services

Delivery Services

Grocery deliveries can be optimized for the customer and the retailer. Butleroy lets the customer order and book the delivery far in advance or when it suits them best. With Butleroy, the customers calendar is takin into account and the retailer can offer incentives for delivery times when they have staff available. So the customer saves money and the supermarket has enough resources.