What has happened in our startup? 😊

It has been a long time since our last blog entry (over seven months, to be precise). What could have possibly happened to justify such a long break? Well, we got a table soccer in our office building which we share with other cool and interesting startups (#boyswillbeboys). However, not having managed to qualify for the table soccer world cup, we have decided to get back to what we are actually good at – writing (writing code, that is).

The past seven months have brought a lot of changes with them. Most importantly, we changed our name from myAlfred to Butleroy. The reason for that is simple. Batman called. He said it was his Alfred, not ours. So it’s Roy now. We just hope Siegfried and Roy won’t be calling as well…

Travel mode on ✈️

As you know, we love to get around in the world. We are so grateful for all the opportunities that we have been offered recently. Thanks to the Creative Region Upper Austria, we were able to travel to the DLD Innovation Festival in Tel Aviv, one of the most amazing and interesting startup hotspots worldwide.

Shortly afterwards, we participated the Bits&Pretzels Startup Festival in Munich (aka networking, drinking beer, and eating weisswursts!), where we introduced our Butleroy Skill for Amazon Alexa. This is an amazing feature that we will write about in another blog post soon (ok, here a little spoiler: now you can combine Roy and Alexa to create the ultimate butler! Take that, Batman!).

Last but not least, we took Butleroy to the NEXT Level, literally. We are now part of the NEXT Amsterdam Program, which is providing us with an amazing community of startups, corporates, and business angels.

All this happened in the last four months of 2017. Brace yourselves for what 2018 will bring! We will keep you posted.