Your personal butler for more productivity

Have your appointments and to-dos automatically scheduled at a perfect time.

First intelligent calendar and to-do list

AI powered scheduling - Calendar meets to-do

We use AI to help planning your daily life more efficiently, from to-dos to booking a restaurant, from calendars to events Roy has got you covered.

One place to rule them all 💍

To-do list and calendar are married

The wedding of the year happens on your phone. Finally calendar and to-do list are together. They even share the same place. So it’s easy for you to see what they are up to. Avoid conflicts between calendar events and your to-dos. Step up your productivity game and master your appointments and to-dos.

To-Dos deserve a date ❤️

Stop procrastination

The times are gone when your to-do list was crowded with forgotten to-dos that should have been completed a long time ago. Now Roy takes care that your to-dos get a date and time that fits your schedule.

Drag & d-d-d-d-drop (the bass to-do) 👇

Intelligent live scheduling

Roy is a busy worker. To see him schedule your to-dos you can simply drag them around. Give them a different priority or just put them into “anytime”, be honest, sometimes we love to procrastinate. A simple drag & drop is enough and your to-do gets the attention it needs.

Tag it baby! 🏷

Improved planning with tags

Tag your events to get even better scheduling results. You can choose between four tags. Let’s say you add the work tag. Roy makes sure that your to-do gets scheduled between your working hours. He also checks that there are no holidays. Pretty smart, huh?

Strike 🎳

Touch it, feel it

You know that awesome feeling when you hit a strike at bowling. But it feels even better if you strikethrough a completed to-do. You’ve made it. This special moment needs some attention, that’s why we but a lot of effort in a sweet and nice animation when completing a to-do. Be aware, it’s addicting!

Your butler is always at hand 💁‍♂️

Quick actions for your events

Whether you need a parking spot nearby, a nice restaurant suggestion or just an Uber to get there, Roy is alway at hand provides handy quick actions for your events.

If you have a nice idea for such a quick action we haven’t thought of, please let us know.

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