The most powerful calendar comes in the form of a butler

💡 AI powered scheduling – your butler plans it for you

✅ Integrate Reminders, Todoist, Wunderlist and other tools

💁‍♂️ Relevant information at hand, see football games, Netflix releases, moon phases and more in your timeline

AI powered scheduling – let your butler plan your appointments

Our lives are getting busier and busier. We are wasting so much time with inefficiently organizing and planning events, meetings, and appointments. Surely you will have experienced the hassle of writing back and forth for hours, scanning your calendar again and again. Just to try to find a time that suits you and all of your friends for a brunch meeting. With Butleroy this now takes just a few seconds. If you have the goal to work out more often, it could look something like this:

“I want to grow my muscles

“But I only want to do it on a weekend

“In the afternoon or evening

Reminders, to dos, tasks and calendar events all in one

Ever asked yourself where you’ve put that to do task? Was it in one of the reminders app, did I write it onto a post-it or even a napkin? Butleroy has you covered – have everything in one place. All your reminders, to dos, tasks or whatever are right in your schedule. So you’ll never miss to complete a task, as Roy even plans it for you when you have time best.

Butleroy currently works best with: Todoist & Wunderlist

Information right there when you need it

Throughout a day you are checking your schedule a couple of times. Therefore Roy is able to integrate a lot of interesting stuff in there. Such as brand new Netflix releases, holidays from different countries, productivity tools or fixtures and results of your favourite sports team.

And there is on more thing – Roy doesn’t like messed up schedules, so he keeps it tidy and clean. If you have events in multiple calendars (such as holidays) Roy will merge them for you into one.

Get your personal butler now – for free

We ❤️ our users and they love their personal butler

Saves a lot of time and hassle. Roy plans my appointments and tasks – best thing is I don’t even have to check my schedule.

iOS User

This app makes scheduling so easy. Suggested a feature for the app that was missing, and the developers were very responsive and ended up adding it to their next release.

Android User

Works already fine! Will be amazing when more friends of mine will use the app. Easy to handle!

iOS User
Just want to tell you and your team that I really love your app! Looking forward to using it every day! Thanks for all your hard work!
Android User