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Butleroy Calendar and To-dos for iOS

To-dos in Calendar

Intelligent Scheduling

Beautiful Design

See To-dos in Your Calendar

Step up your productivity game by combining calendar and to-dos. Block time in your calendars so you can really complete them. 

Butleroy offers an integration into Apple Reminder

See todos in your calendar

Intelligently Schedule To-dos and Events

Intelligent rescheduling of events and to-dos
Automatically reschedule overdue to-dos
Easy to use app
Have appointments planned in seconds
Intelligent scheduling for calendar events
Intelligent scheduling
Intelligent scheduling with for work and private to-dos
Smart tags

Your personal butler aligns your events and to-dos in your calendar perfectly. Become more organized today!

Auto rescheduling

Don't worry if you forget or can't complete a to-do. Butleroy will plan it again at a convenient time for you.

Intelligent scheduling with just a few clicks

Schedule to-dos and events in seconds

Drag an email into the app and it will be scheduled as a to-do. Select "Next three days" and "Morning" and have it planned in seconds.

Intelligently plan to-dos and events in calendar

Perfect date and time

Butleroy makes nearly 300 decisions in just a few seconds to find the perfect date and time for you.

Butleroy tag work and private events

Smart tags for scheduling

Just select a work tag and Butleroy considers your working hours. If you want to plan something in your leisure time weekends and evenings will be preferred.

Simple and Clean

Whether you want to have a quick glance at your next appointments or you want to check your to-do list, it’s all there for you.

Keeping it simple and clean is essential avoid distractions when getting things done. We’ve optimized our user interface for iPhone and iPad. Of course, we support dark mode as well.

Beautiful design with dark mode support

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